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Pumpkin the Beagle sleeping in a perfect fit harness

Recommended Products

I always get asked the question what products would I recommend for puppy training or what do I use for with Pumpkin for my own dog training?  To make it easier for you all please find my favourite products here on this page.

Training Essentials

2 Metre Short Leads

2 metre short lead recommendation

There are lots of different short leads on the market, but I do like this for the bungee aspect to absorb any shock. It comes ins a variety of different colours.

Long Line

Long line for dog training and puppy training

These are incredible useful for when you are practicing recall. Just be sure to use them appropriately – and make sure to unclip if your puppy is playing. 


Perfect fit harness recommendation for dog training

I love the Perfect Fit Harness – so you can check them out Here

High Value Treats

JR Pet Product Pate best quality for dog training

For good quality high-value treats I recommend using JR Pet Products Pate.

Let's not forget our Feline Friends 

Heat Pad

Pet remedy heated pet pad

My two cats LOVE these low voltage heat pads – they are great for older dogs with sore limbs as well Low Voltage Heat Pad

Boris Johnson CatNip Toy

Boris Johnson CatNip toy

You can’t go wrong with a cat nip toy and this one is also quite a bit of fun Boris Johnson CatNip Toy (they also do a dog one too!) do check out.

Liz Truss coming soon for all other political parties as well!

Fall Favourites

The leaves are changing colour, the nights are drawing in and it is officially Hygge Season! Time to get cosy and wrapped up warm with a lovely book or get out and enjoy stomping in some crisp leaves! Here are my favourite products and books currently out there to help get you in the Autumnal Mood!

For Cosy Nights In 


roasting marshmallows kit

Not up for camping? You don’t have to miss out on roasting marshmallows Belinda Clark Gourmet Marshmallow Toasting Kit

Chunky Knit Blanket

get creative and try knitting this blanket

This is such a lovely Super Cosy Blanket – Chunky Knit Blanket Chenille Throw

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