I offer advice on dog training and cat behaviour in Greenwich with a difference!

I believe that no dog parent needs to feel overwhelmed, so I make the impossible possible by creating easy to follow training tools and a toolbox to empower you from puppyhood through to old age.

My aims are to provide :

  • Education about the needs of cats and dogs including how they think, learn and see the world as well as pet safety and dog bite prevention.
  • Inspiration for pet owners to have the strongest bond possible with their pets and to want to learn and explore new things.
  • Empowerment so you can become a true guardian and advocate for your pet and have all the skills you need to ensure a true partnership based on mutual respect.

My Areas

I provide Dog Training via Zoom and so can offer advice to anyone in any part of the world (time zones allowing!)

I also now offer ONLINE Puppy Classes under the brand SuperPups! For more information please check details here.

I offer online consultations for Cat Behaviour – for more information please check out the page on Cat Behaviour.

New Clients!

If I can be of any help to you and your pet please drop me an email advice@katsanddogs.co.uk