It is always fun to get out and explore new places with your dog and once they have their vaccinations – its great to get to new environments. Here are my top travel products!

Travel Bowl

I love the Road Refresher Bowl – as its non slip and can be used to help teach your dog scent work!

Long Lines

This is an essential bit of kit for your recall training. I love these the Vivifying Dog Training Lead which is 20m and also the Snoot Training Lead which is 10m. For smaller dogs like Dachshunds you will need to make sure that the clip which attaches to their harness isnt too heavy.


Please DO NOT use a retractable lead

Until your puppy knows how to walk nicely on a lead they will just teach them to pull!

Harness for the Car

Car safety is key and I use the Kurgo Impact Dog Car Harness with Pumpkin to keep her secure in the car, now that she is nearly fully grown. Whilst your puppy is small you may be ok with them on a lap in the backseat, or next to you – however do make sure they are secure and wont distract the driver! I’d also recommend some form of carry case for them just to be safe. The Sleepypod is also suitable for airtravel – but do check the measurements for your specific dog!

Car Activities

To help your puppy settle in the car or just generally at home you may want to consider the Kong Tire or K9 Connectable Set both of which can be filled and then frozen.