These are some of my favourite bits of equipment for recall and loose lead walking

2m Leads
There are lots of these on the market but I do like this for the bungee aspect to absorb any shock and also this one for the dual clip

I love the Perfect Fit Harness – so you can check them out Here


Treat Pouch
There are lots of these but this one is my favorite!

Long Line
These are incredible useful for when you are practicing recall. Just be sure to use them appropriately – and make sure to unclip if your puppy is playing.   
High Value Treats
I highly recommend the JR Pet Products Pate – as its Semi moist and can be cut into different sizes and is a nice easy one for the sausage recall game.
Tug E Nuff Toys
Be sure to use the discount “KATS&DOGS” to get 10% – you can find there here