Join our Rapid Rocket Recall Class


Kats and Dogs is pleased to announce the launch of Rapid Rocket Recall! This online recall class is all done via Zoom to help set you AND your Dog up for Success!

Recall is arguably the most important cue you need to teach your dog, for their safety, yours and for others around you. This workshop looks at specifically creating an effective recall using only positive, force-free methods.

Whilst we used to think that the best way to teach recall was in the park – Covid has show us that with technology we can now work in better more constructive ways. Trying to teach your dog to recall when in the park has always been a bit like trying to teach your child how to do algebra on a roller coaster. Think about it from your dogs perspective – you are basically saying

  • Ignore the Squirrel
  • Ignore the Smells (of which there will be thousands)
  • Ignore your instinct to explore
  • Ignore your instinct to scavenge
  • Don’t Chase!
  • Come away from playing with your friends
  • All so we can go back home……

By doing this course online your dogs will learn faster and more effectively! We start in the home to ensure really solid foundations and by doing so we then create a reflex response. Beginning in a low distracting environment we can set your dog up for success by making it simple for them to initially learn.

We want your dogs to rush back to you no matter what the distraction!

Using fun focus games and working on pairing your cue with movement – by the end of this course your dog will just be dying for you to call them back to you!! 


What does the course cover?

Within 3 weeks you will cover:

  • Building Confidence and Trust in the knowledge you have a reliable recall!
  • How Recall can be ruined
  • How Dogs Learn
  • How to use Fun Focus Games improve the bond with your dog

Only 8 dogs in each class, you will have first-class help and support throughout the course. Suitable for dogs of all ages!

Wait there is MORE For this introductory launch – I am offering a 25% Discount using the code EARLYBIRD If you Book before June 15th – so that you get all of this for £67 – The Post Launch Price will be £89

Sounds Great! When do your next set classes start?

The Classes run on a Wednesday Night at 6:30pm and our next set starts below! Don’t forget to use the discount Code “EarlyBird” to get 25% off!

Sign me Up for 6:30pm Wednesday 30th June