You do not need to get all or any of these – however if you would like links here are some recommendations for next week


I love the JR Pet Products Meat Pate – as they are semi moist, keep for ages before

being opened and can be chopped up and frozen as well. You can get a selection of different proteins here

You do not have to get Doggy Peanut Butter, a good Organic Peanut Butter will do just as well. I used this with Pumpkin. To purchase from Amazon click here


Puppies are very sensitive souls and have delicate bodies – we want to minimise any slipping and sliding and so I would recommend that you have some form of Non Slip Mat for your Puppy to train on.  To purchase from Amazon click here

Snuffle Matts are a fantastic way to get your dog sniffing and calming down – for one I would highly recommend please click here. Licki Mats are also super useful and you can place peanut butter or small amounts of wet food to help slow down eating and also help your Puppy calm down. You can find these on Amazon here