Are you struggling with an Adolescent Teenage Terror?

Is your dog?
  • between 5-months and 2-years old
  • less obedient and increasingly motivated to explore, interact and run away
  • suddenly acting like they are a different dog, who no longer wants to please you and instead is plotting against you
  • now barking at people, dogs or inanimate objects they’ve seen100 times before with no issue
  • chewing, grabbing, running off with or tearing up pretty much everything in the house and generally being super “Naughty”
  • Humping and or finding it really hard to contain their excitement at times
If you answered Yes to two or more of the above – guess what you have a Teenager on your hands! Welcome to the next stage of your dogs development!
If you are feeling frustrated, having fallen out of love with your dog, or just feel like you are tearing your hair out!

Don’t panic! You are not alone and Kats and Dogs is pleased to announce that help is at hand!


If you’d like to learn more I now offer a course especially for your Teenager, where we work together to transform them from juvenile delinquents into thriving delightful teenagers.

So What Does the Teenage Terror Course Cover?

Over six weeks we will cover how to address key issues such as 

  • How do I stop my dog humping everyone?
  • How can I stop my dog jumping up?
  • How do I stop my dog from chewing everything?
  • Why wont my dog listen to me?
  • Why has my puppy lost all their focus and concentration?

We will also cover areas such as how to support your dog as they become older, how to rebuild and strengthen the bond between you and your dog as well as helping you go from tearing your hair out to actually enjoying your dog again

How much does it Cost and what does that include?

The Course  Fee is £299.99 and this includes:

  • 6 Online Group Classes with other Teenage Dog owners where we will discuss key skills and your homework for the week.
  • A weekly handout with step by step instructions for key behaviours
  • A group WhatsApp Chat for all other puppy gaurdians in your group, so you can arrange meet ups, swap success stories and share any tips or tricks!
  • Individual one to one support with me via WhatsApp so if you are struggling or have an urgent question so you don’t have to wait till your next session!
  • Membership of a Private Facebook Group for local dog owners, walkers, groomers and other pet professionals so you can share advice, products you love, walks you’ve found etc.

Sounds Great! When are you next classes?

I have a course of six online classes (for why online see below) starting on Saturday at 11:15 am or you can do the course which runs on Thursday evenings at 7:45pm. It’s always the same time each week – so just sign up for the date which will work best for you.

Sign Me for Classes at 7:30pm
Starting Thursday 9th December


Sign Me for Classes at 10am
Starting Saturday 11th December

Each intake is its own cohort. So please just sign up for one set of classes. Subject to space in class I am happy for you to swap between Thursday and Saturday so dont worry if you are away for a weekend as you dont need to miss a class!

Hold on! How can you do Dog Training Classes online? Would that work? Yes Absolutely!

In Short – Yes! It’s also a FASTER and MORE EFFECTIVE way for your Teenage Dog to learn! Whilst group classes used to be the only way to go, technology means that we can now work in better more constructive ways.

Some of the many advantages of doing your  classes online are :

  • You can get started right away! As you can do sessions from home there is no need to wait for vaccinations
  • Dogs and especially teenagers learn best in the least distracting environment, and this is your home
  • No more worries about classes being cancelled due to bad weather or being in a freezing cold church hall
  • No more injury risk for your dog slipping on a wooden floor
  • Your dog can FOCUS on you and working with YOU – not worrying about that gorgeous or handsome poodle in the corner
  • You can still participate in class even if your Dog is in season
  • You can get all the family involved, as opposed to only being to have one family member in a group class
  • Less distractions for you as well, so you can easily remember what you have learnt
  • Group classes are recorded and so you can easily re-watch anything if you want to have a recap

Community and support from fellow Pawrents!


As part of the Teenage Terrors Group Classes – each intake also has a group WhatsApp chat so that you can also schedule meet ups with others within the same class for supervised puppy interaction and help your Puppy put their social skills and your body language observations into practice.